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Just started placing my puppy at Doggie Day care! Tillie loves it! And most important too, Gabie & her staff are the greatest. They are very caring and friendly. My husband and I are really very appreciative of their services and how much they love & care for the pack like their own.

All I have to do is whisper “Gabriella” (name of the owner) and my labradoodle gets so excited. He loves it there. The staff are delightful. Grooming services are terrific and boarding there gives me peace of mind when I’m out of town. Very clean and professional.

Gabby and her crew have been a lifesaver. Lucy Lu, aka crazy Lucy, aka lucyfur is a handful! When I first adopted her I realized within a few months time that I was not capable of exercising this dog to her needs. I can run her over 2.6 miles and not make a dent in her energy level.

Trying to figure out how to balance my life while simultaneously providing an consistently active life for my dog was quite difficult. One day while driving to brunch (go figure) I noticed doggie daycare of river oaks. RIGHT on the way to my work, this place is ideal for me. No, it’s not inexpensive to take your dog to doggie daycare but it’s worth every penny saved. I trust the staff there. 20 visits for 400.00 gets me 10 weeks at 2 times a week. Other days she and I bond going to the park. Dog comes home EXHAUSTED not to mention very well socialized. For 25.00 they will also bathe your dog.

I know Lucy likes the staff and her playmates there because she gets terribly excited when we go! An added benefit is the structure they provide the dogs. Over time, they have reinforced appropriate behaviors in my dog that carry over to our daily lives. This also is priceless. They also put out baby pools so if your dog is a water dog like mine every day is THE BEST DAY EVER!!! My only wish is that they had video cams like some other daycares. That would make it perfect!

Colleen K. Houston, TX
Source: YELP!

I’ve been going to Doggie Daycare River Oaks for a little over a year. I chose them because their daycare hours start at 6:30am and end at 7pm, while most other places open later and close earlier than that! They are closed on weekends but available by appt if you are dropping off or picking up a dog for boarding.

Day care is $20-25/day (package deals are discounted). Boarding is $40/night and includes participation in day care activities (chasing tails, splashing in kiddie pools, etc).

The ladies who run this place are very friendly and knowledgeable, and I find it comforting to see the same people every time I go there. It sort of feels like you are leaving your pet with your friends or neighbors while you’re at work 🙂

I have boarded my lab Sophie a handful of times, and occasionally she has stomach issues for about a day after coming home. Knowing my dog, I assume she has been trying to eat all the other dogs’ food. One time, she came home and hacked up a large sea shell. That one is still a mystery!!

In the year+ I have been taking my dog here, the staff has accommodated several last minute boarding requests without a hitch. There was only one incident when they were a no-show for a Saturday appointment, and I scrambled to make other arrangements for my dog. Afterwards, they apologized and offered me a free night of boarding. Mistakes happen, and I appreciate that they took the effort to make it right. I consider the matter settled, but will try to avoid dropping off on weekends in the future.

I definitely recommend Doggie Daycare River Oaks for the location, price, and hours. My dog gets super excited whenever I drop her off, and when she gets home she can’t fall asleep fast enough… What more can I ask for?

Monica K. Houston, TX
Source: YELP!